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December 08, 2004

Abstinence-Only Programs

So we're lying to our children now because we think somehow that'll keep them from having sex? Does anyone REMEMBER being a teenager? This propaganda doesn't work. A teen wants sex for all the same reasons everyone else does, and so what? If they're gonna do it (which they are) the best we can hope for is they don't get a deadly STD. Telling them condoms don't work is just gonna keep them from bothering with condoms. Sure, I suppose scaring them away from sex is deadly might help, but why does that threat change when you're suddenly older? You turn 20 and suddenly the danger is past?? You marry someone and suddenly they're blessed by god to be immune to any disease? It's okay to be pregnant at 18 but not at 17? What happens when the scared children grow up (which they will)? Won't they still be scared? Waiting till marriage these days is not necessary. Humans are sexual beings, and after puberty, humans WILL be sexual. With the protection and birth control that is available, shouldn't we educate our kids to be safe throughout their life, however they choose to live it?


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